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Los Angeles Employment Class Action Lawyer

In the area of employment law, particular in regards to wage and hour violations, most of the time when violations occur to one employee, these same violations are repeated with other employees in the same department, position or company-wide. Through class action litigation, the Kawahito Law Group brings employees together to fight for their rights and stand up to their employer, forcing the company to make matters right and change their policies for the future. Contact our experienced Los Angeles class action lawyers today.

Facts about Wage Violations in California

Wage theft, which may include not paying workers the minimum wage, not paying overtime, forcing employees to work off the clock, and other illegal practices, is big business in California, and in Los Angeles in particular. In fact, wage theft takes over $26 million from low-wage workers in Los Angeles each week, making LA the wage theft capital of the nation.

In California statewide, over $100 million in back wages goes unpaid each year in these top-five low-wage, high-violation industries:

  • Retail
  • Food Services
  • Construction
  • Health Care
  • Agriculture

How Class Actions can Help

The harm done to an individual employee may be too small for the employee to decide to go to court and fight for what is right, especially against a well-funded corporation that can afford to outspend and outlast a small, individual plaintiff. Even if an individual complaint is brought, the company may quickly settle the case for a small amount, but continue its pattern of violations into the future, quickly and quietly settling claims as they arise, rather than fixing their errors.

One violation may be small, but when you add up three or four years’ worth of violations across an entire workforce, the effect may be enormous. If the cases can all be brought together as one, it will certainly get the company’s attention. This is what a class action lawsuit does. A class action allows a single individual or a small group of persons to represent the entire class of people who have been affected. The case is heard one time instead of hundreds or thousands of times, which means the plaintiffs get their case heard more quickly and efficiently, without overwhelming the court system.

One collective voice speaks louder than a single one; a class action puts the individual worker on an even playing field against even the largest corporations.

Consumer Law Class Action Lawyers

Kawahito Law Group has extensive experience in consumer law class actions as well as those involving employment law violations. We help consumers stand up to restaurant and retail chains and telecommunications giants when they are hurting customers. These corporations may make pennies off of one customer through excessive fees and hidden charges, but they make millions off of their entire customer base through these illegal actions. We put a stop to these unconscionable practices and enforce proper corporate behavior.

Contact a Law Firm with the Skills, Experience and Resources to Handle Complex Class Action Litigation

Class action litigation is complex litigation, requiring the lawyers to go through many steps to obtain class certification, identify and notify class members, and complete the complicated discovery process of analyzing payroll and accounting records going back years. At the Kawahito Law Group, we have the skills and resources required to diligently pursue class action litigation. Our firm is experienced in complex litigation and is capable of advancing costs of the litigation and representing plaintiffs on a contingency fee basis, only charging a fee if we are successful in obtaining a recovery. Class action settlements and lawyers’ fees are monitored and approved by the court to make sure they are appropriate.

If you believe you have been harmed by an employment law or consumer law violation that may provide the basis for a class action, contact the Los Angeles class action litigation lawyers at the Kawahito Law Group at 310-746-5300 for a complimentary, confidential evaluation of your claims.

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