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Los Angeles Consumer Fraud Lawyer

At the Kawahito Law Group, we help Californian’s protect their rights as consumers. While your individual consumer claim may seem insignificant, you can be a catalyst for change. Many consumer protection laws seek to prevent fraud in the advertising and sale of consumer products. The Consumer Legal Remedies Act (CLRA) is one such California law that exists to protect individuals from unfair or deceptive business practices. We help our clients protect their rights as consumers. Our attorneys also protect our clients against illegal practices such as hidden fees, the placement of expiration dates on gift cards and misleading marketing. Many consumers experience problems with their telecommunications companies overcharging them for their services or billing them for added services they did not agree to purchase. Defective or dangerous products, as well as falsely advertised products also may give rise to a consumer class-action claim. When clients hire the Kawahito Law Group, they are getting the best of both worlds — large law firm experience and boutique-level attention. Our lawyers were trained by some of Los Angeles’ premier law firms. At the Kawahito Law Group, our attorneys personally attend to every detail of our clients’ cases. Because we are small, we are nimble. We have the ability to quickly adapt our legal strategies to address our clients’ current needs and create innovative solutions to our clients’ most difficult legal problems.

If your rights as a consumer have been violated, contact the Kawahito Law Group at 310-746-5300 today.

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