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Class-action suits expected against Sony for data breaches

It seems that some large companies don't quite get it – they must tighten their cybersecurity defenses or face a continual series of class actions for damages. It's no matter that a company's facilities are invaded by a criminal group of hackers. What really matters in a legal sense is that the company negligently did not bother to take advantage of available technology to protect the victims whose information was compromised. That's the predicament now faced by Sony Pictures Entertainment, based in California. It may be facing a slew of class-action suits just ahead.

Class-action suits provide relief to girls' athletic groups

A class action lawsuit may be used to vindicate the civil rights claims of certain groups of protected persons. Such class-action suits may be brought against government units or private companies for engaging in illegal discrimination in violation of the civil rights laws. A recent example is a claim filed  in federal court in California on behalf of female athletes in a Chula Vista school district.

Home Depot latest defendant in data breach class-action suits

Consumers in California trust that when they use their credit or debit cards at retailers, their personal information is protected. Unfortunately, large retailers seemingly do not take their customers' security as seriously as people would like.  Home Depot recently became the latest defendant in current data breach class-action suits.

Class-action suits demand more physical education in schools

A controversial class-action lawsuit has been filed against several school districts in California. With respect to class-action suits, this action concerns an issue that seems to be interesting, unique, and possibly worthy of consideration. It raises the allegation that the defendant school districts, including Los Angeles, which is the nation’s second-largest school district, have not provided sufficient physical education time to students as required by California law.

Consumer litigation against Target is sent to one federal court

There is a proliferation of class action lawsuits against Target stores arising from the debacle of stolen data from up to 40 million debit and credit cards that were used at Target during a period from Nov. 27 through Dec. 15. There is one identified group of 27 class actions against Target in 18 separate federal districts, including in California. The consumer litigation alleges, among other things, that Target was negligent in not providing adequate security measures to protect the personal information of its customers.

Broker concedes clients' rights to file class-action suits

A major discount securities broker recently learned that the dictates of corporate convenience are not necessarily enforceable in this day of instant communications and social media influences. Charles Schwab, a California corporation, has been in a controversy with many of its own customers and others regarding the right of consumers to join in class-action suits against the broker. A closely related issue is whether the broker can enforce arbitration against its members regarding disputes with them.

Consumer litigation pushes class-action against bridge plotters

A controversial class action was recently filed in the now-famous case of the intentionally designed traffic jams on a major bridge. This did not happen in California, but the analysis of the validity of the class-action lawsuit is valid here and elsewhere. The case was brought as consumer litigation requesting a class certification from the court.

Consumer class actions against Target for security breach

It seems that one of the biggest stories currently in the news has to do with the continuing side effects Target is facing after a massive security breach, which has compromised their consumer's credit and debit card information. Patrons in California and across the country are filing consumer class actions against Target, for their failure to protect this sensitive information. The claims include that the company failed to maintain proper security procedures among other things.

Class-action suits filed to correct groundwater poisoning

For about the past fifty years, there has been a law practice specialization concerning cases spawned by the discharge of poisonous chemicals into the land. The discharges are by industrial plants that usually make large daily discharges of pollutants into rivers or the soil around their plant locations because, presumably, they have nowhere else to put the dangerous waste materials. This subspecialty within environmental law has spawned numerous class-action suits against major manufacturers for contamination and tortious infliction of disease on the neighboring public surrounding the offending plants. Perhaps the most well-known activist in this movement is California resident Erin Brockovich.

Cases against Google and Yahoo may become consumer class actions

It may be that Google and Yahoo are breaking a number of federal laws in the way they handle a user's email account. Recently, in federal court a district court judge ruled that Google's procedure of scanning emails in order to surround them with targeted ads potentially violates federal wiretap laws. Several days later, two users sued Yahoo in federal court in the Northern District of California complaining of Yahoo's similar policy with respect to emails. Both cases are potential consumer class actions if the facts are found to warrant such certification by the respective federal courts.

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