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Los Angeles Employment Lawyer

It would be wonderful if companies always did right by their customers and employees, but sadly, this is not always the case. Workers are frequently mistreated by being denied their lawful wages or by being wrongfully terminated, and consumers frequently fall victim to false advertising and other unscrupulous business practices. If the harm done seems relatively small, corporations will not think twice about engaging in such activity, and the affected customer or worker may not think it worthwhile to try to pursue the matter. However, it is rarely the case that only one customer or one worker is victim to a company’s fraudulent or unlawful practices. More often, dozens or hundreds of others are similarly mistreated.

Los Angeles employment lawyer James Kawahito and the Kawahito Law Group bring the power of class action litigation to bear on misbehaving corporations, forcing them to stand up and take notice, right the wrongs they have committed, and change their unlawful practices.

Employment lawyers handling the full range of California wage and hour violations

Our firm is sensitive to the many ways in which employers violate federal and California wage and hour laws. California goes beyond federal requirements in many aspects of wage and hour law, and countless employers fail to meet their obligations, whether through a misunderstanding of the law, an untrained or overburdened accounting staff, or deliberate actions to underpay employees and maximize profits at the expense of workers. The Kawahito Law Group maintains a robust employment law practice, representing employees in actions related to unpaid overtime, abuses of vacation and bonus policies, and cases of wrongful termination.

Serving Los Angeles County and Environs in Employment Law, Business Litigation and More

The Kawahito Law Group draws on years of experience in large LA law firms handling class actions and other litigation to provide effective representation across a variety of legal practice areas, including employment law, business litigation, real estate, consumer law and more. Below is a brief description of some of the firm’s main areas of practice. For help in any of these areas or any other legal dispute or area of legal need, contact the Kawahito Law Group at 310-746-5300.

Employment Law

If you are a worker with an employment law issue, we want to hear from you. Our firm handles cases involving unpaid overtime or issues with vacation and bonuses, as well as wrongful termination. If you are being mistreated at work, you are probably not the only one. With experience on both sides of class action litigation, we are well-equipped to investigate your workplace and seek justice for all affected employees, making sure you get the compensation to which you are entitled and forcing your employer to treat you right.

Business Litigation

Based on years of experience engaging in high-stakes and high-profile litigation on behalf of our clients, our firm is equipped to handle the most complex business and commercial litigation that comes our way. From sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies, our commercial litigation practice will work to resolve your business or corporate dispute with your immediate and long-term business interests in mind. We represent companies in the full range of business litigation, including breach of contract disputes, business torts, and shareholder and partnership disputes.

Entertainment Law

With a long history of practicing law in Los Angeles, the Kawahito Law Group has extensive experience with legal issues in the entertainment industries, including representing actors, writers, musicians, athletes, models and more in the film, television, video game, digital distribution and music industries. We advocate strongly for our clients while recognizing the importance of protecting your professional reputation and maintaining positive ongoing and future working relationships in the industry.

Real Estate

Our comprehensive real estate practice involves providing representation to owners, developers, architects, agents and other parties in the full range of real estate transactions and disputes, including purchase and sale, construction defect, property management and landlord-tenant matters, broker disputes, quiet title actions, and much more. With the capability to handle complex, multimillion dollar real estate disputes, you will find our lawyers to be a valuable resource in developing practical litigation strategies and risk management analysis, and crafting legal solutions that resolve your dispute in the most effective and efficient manner.

Consumer Law

California has strong laws in place, such as the Consumer Legal Remedies Act (CLRA), to protect consumers from unfair and deceptive business practices such as false advertising, bait-and-switch routines, hidden fees in contracts, overcharges and other fraudulent acts. From local furniture stores to national retail chains and telecommunications companies, we have the knowledge, skills, experience and resources to hold companies accountable for their illegal acts, including mounting class action litigation against the most egregious repeat offenders.

Meeting client needs

As a boutique firm serving the greater Los Angeles and Southern California area, the Kawahito Law Group takes pride in its lawyers’ track record of results at trial, arbitration, appeals and mediation. Regardless of the case, we provide our clients with the legal experience and skill of a large firm, but with the personal attention and creativity only a small firm can offer.

  • James Kawahito settles claims on behalf of property developer/owner/manager against international materials manufacturer and contractors arising from construction defects at prominent shopping center in downtown Los Angeles.
  • For experienced litigators who deliver results, the Kawahito Law Group stands out.
  • The lawyers at the Kawahito Law Group have aggressively litigated disputes on the behalf of my company and obtained excellent results.
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Our employment lawyers at the Kawahito Law Group come from top tier universities and law schools, and the primary lawyer, James Kawahito, previously clerked for a Federal District Court Judge. Kawahito Law Group is prepared to take on any legal dispute and see it to a proper and effective resolution. Litigation is not always the first recourse in attempting to resolve a dispute, but it is often the most effective – and sometimes the only effective – course of action available. From pre-litigation strategic planning and risk management to representation at trial and through potential appeals, our lawyers provide practical advice and effective representation that gets results.

Our litigation practice includes representing consumers and others in a wide-range of disputes including real estate, entertainment, intellectual property, and contractual litigation. In these areas, the lawyers at Kawahito Law Group have represented clients ranging from mixed martial arts fighters to luxury hotel developers to multi-platinum music performers.

Contact Our Experienced Los Angeles Employment Lawyers

In connection with its class action practice, the lawyers at the Kawahito Law Group have obtained settlements valued in excess for $40 million on behalf of employees and consumers. Whatever your litigation needs, you can count on the Kawahito Law Group.

The Los Angeles employment lawyers at Kawahito have been on both sides of class actions and complex litigation and operate with a high-level of understanding of the intricacies involved. Our experience working in large law firms provides us with the sophistication and experience needed to take on the biggest defendants or the most complex matters. Clients know when they hire the Kawahito Law Group, they are getting the best of both worlds — the experience and knowledge of a big law firm and the personalized attention and quick action only a small firm can offer. We are here for you, to represent you, and to obtain justice and excellent results for you. Call our office to schedule a consultation, and find out how we can help you with your legal needs.

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James K. Kawahito

Mr. Kawahito's practice focuses on complex, commercial litigation with an emphasis in the following areas of law: products liability, trademark infringement, consumer class actions, wage and hour class actions, contract disputes and unfair competition. He has litigated cases both on behalf and against Fortune 500 companies. Jim has represented clients before California state and federal trial courts, and has also handled appeals before the California Court of Appeals and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

  • "For all disputes, the Kawahito Law Group is our go to law firm. James Kawahito has helped negotiate resolutions, and where necessary, has aggressively defended our interests in Court"

  • "James Kawahito represented myself and a class of employees who were not paid all of our wages. In the end, Mr. Kawahito was able to obtain a great result, which included millions of dollars on behalf of the class"

  • "The Southern California Darts Association is forever indebted to James Kawahito. We brought them a case, which we took to federal court and won! The Kawahito Law Group is thorough, and diligent, and they are the very best at what they do!!!"