Los Angeles Employment Misclassification Attorneys

At Kawahito Shraga & Westrick, LLP, our experienced class-action employment attorneys help California's workers fight their misclassification and obtain compensation for wrongfully denied overtime and benefits.

Experienced California Misclassification Claims Lawyers

Misclassification of employees as independent contractors or exempt workers can result in denial of overtime wages, minimum wage, and meal and rest breaks. While some misclassifications may be due to employer error, other employers intentionally misclassify employees to save company money.

While your individual misclassification claim may be too small to address individually, by acting as a representative of a class of similarly situated employees, your small claim can become a significant piece of litigation that your employer will be forced to recognize.

At Kawahito Shraga & Westrick, LLP, our Los Angeles employment attorneys have recovered tens of millions of dollars for California employees. Just because you are one voice doesn't mean you can't make a big difference.

Helping Workers Obtain Compensation For Unpaid Wages And Benefits

Every case, no matter how small, has the power to effect company-wide change. As a boutique firm serving the Greater Los Angeles area, Kawahito Shraga & Westrick, LLP, provides clients with the best of both worlds — the experience and knowledge of a big law firm and the personalized attention available only at smaller practices.

Our attorneys were trained by some of Southern California's most prestigious law firms. We've channeled this knowledge into a more modern legal structure. Clients interact directly with their attorneys. When you call, our attorneys answer.

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