Organic Labeling Fraud Attorneys

As more and more foods are treated with hormones and preservatives, it is increasingly difficult to provide your family with pure, healthful foods free of chemical enhancements. Products labeled "organic" are typically believed to be chemical-free — however, many of these labels are misleading.

At Kawahito Shraga & Westrick, LLP, our attorneys have helped health-minded consumers hold companies responsible for their false labeling techniques and effect change throughout Southern California.

Focused On Client Health Through Honest Organic Labels

New chemicals are being produced every day, and it is difficult to know the long-term effects they will have on human health and the environment. Many health-minded consumers take extra care and pay premium prices buying products labeled "organic" to avoid consumption of chemicals.

Unfortunately, many products labeled "organic" are misleading. While the food or product you are purchasing may contain one organic element, the product may not be organic as a whole.

You should be able to rely on "organic" labeling to provide your family with healthful food, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products. If you purchased a product labeled "organic" that you later found to be misleading, you have a claim against the manufacturer for false labeling.

While your individual false labeling claim may seem insignificant, you can be a mechanism for change. At Kawahito Shraga & Westrick, LLP, we have successfully helped consumers who have been duped by false "organic" labeling bring claims against manufacturers, effecting company-wide and industry-wide labeling changes.

Experienced Los Angeles Lawyers Fighting False Food Labels

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Our attorneys' backgrounds, skills and resources have helped individual clients compel major changes in organic food product labeling.

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