False Or Misleading Advertising California Lawyers

Consumers should be able to rely on advertising and marketing to provide truthful descriptions of the products and services they are selling. If you purchased a good or service that did not live up to its advertised promises, or fell victim to a deceptive marketing mechanism, you may have a claim.

Federal and state law regulates the manner in which goods and services may be marketed. Companies cannot knowingly mislead consumers as to the nature of the products or services being advertised.

Fraudulent Or Misleading Advertising Is Illegal

False advertising and other deceptive marketing techniques — such as bait-and-switch and misbranding — are illegal. False advertising also encompasses situations where companies entice customers to purchase their products by hiding important information in inconspicuous footnotes or fine print. This is especially true where the footnotes or fine print are used to contradict or disclaim the representations made in the headlines of the ad. As a consumer, you have rights.

At Los Angeles-based Kawahito Shraga & Westrick, LLP, our lawyers helps individual consumers make their voices heard. While your claim as an individual may be too small to litigate, when taken together with the other victims of falsely advertising goods or services, your individual claim can be the catalyst for industry-wide change. Our experience handling false advertising class actions is extensive.

Deception Comes In Many Forms

Common false advertising claims and deceptive marketing techniques include:

  • Deceptive labeling
  • False promises
  • Bait-and-switch
  • Hidden limits and fees
  • Footnote disclaimers
  • Unadvertised surcharges
  • Disclaimers inside shrink-wrapped containers

Providing California Clients Personalized Attention

As a boutique law firm located in Los Angeles, our false advertising attorneys help California consumers seek legal recourse for falsely advertised products and services.

Our attorneys began their careers in some of Los Angeles' most prestigious law firms. We have the legal knowledge and large-firm experience necessary to help our clients successfully overcome their toughest legal challenges. Because we are a small firm, we are fast on our feet and provide our clients with the custom attention not found at larger law firms.

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