Los Angeles Intellectual Property Attorneys

Kawahito Shraga & Westrick, LLP, has significant experience litigating a wide variety of disputes in the intellectual property arena for Fortune 500 companies, middle market businesses, and small businesses and other entrepreneurs and celebrities. We represent clients across various industries in disputes involving trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, trade dress, rights of publicity and other related intellectual property rights. Our attorneys work with our clients to resolve the new legal issues that arise in the ever-changing landscape of today's traditional and emerging markets and channels of distribution.

Skilled Copyright, Trade Secret And Trademark Attorneys In California

At Kawahito Shraga & Westrick, LLP, our attorneys assist our clients with all aspects of their intellectual property protection programs. We help our clients police and enforce their trademark rights in order to prevent consumer confusion in the marketplace and avoid loss of goodwill, dilution of their brands and unfair competition. We have expertise representing Fortune 500 companies and enforcing trademark rights, obtaining restraining orders and injunctions, shutting down counterfeiters, negotiating licenses, and ensuring our clients receive proper compensation for the use of their intellectual property.

Our attorneys have extensive experience helping both domestic and international clients protect their intellectual property. We have successfully engaged in international arbitrations to prevent cybersquatting and recover our clients' domain names. In addition, we have extensive experience representing artists, filmmakers, musicians and video game developers navigate a host of issues that involve copyrights, digital distribution, and the prosecution and defense of related legal actions.

Experienced Representing High-Profile Clients

We also protect the valuable reputations and rights of our celebrity clients (and their estates) in disputes involving their rights of publicity arising from unauthorized uses of their name, image and likeness in product endorsements, advertisements, video games and other forms of media.

Kawahito Shraga & Westrick, LLP, also has developed expertise litigating cases involving misappropriation of our clients' valuable trade secrets. We represent our clients in a host of offensive and defensive actions that ensure they protect the value of trade secrets they have invested significant time, effort and resources into developing in order to compete more effectively in the market place and outpace their competition.

Representative matters involving intellectual property issues include:

  • Trademark registration and litigation, false endorsement and unfair competition claims
  • Trade secret protection and claims of misappropriation
  • Infringement of copyrights
  • Right of publicity disputes
  • Cybersquatting and domain name disputes
  • Licensing negotiations

Creative Solutions For California Innovators

As a boutique law firm serving the Greater Los Angeles area, we provide our clients with innovative solutions to their intellectual property disputes.

We take the time to understand our clients' business needs and objectives and take a practical, cost-efficient approach when tailoring our strategies to the client's particular needs. If you have any needs in the intellectual property area and are trying to evaluate your rights and options, contact the Los Angeles intellectual property lawyers of Kawahito Shraga & Westrick, LLP, at .