California Unpaid Wages Attorneys

While your individual unpaid wages claim may be too small to address individually, acting as a representative of a class of similarly situated employees may enable you to effect company-wide change.

Protecting The Rights Of Employees

At Kawahito Shraga & Westrick, LLP, our Los Angeles-based boutique firm helps California workers collect their unpaid wages and stop illegal workplace policies.

In today's job market, many employees feel they are powerless against the unreasonable demands placed on them by their employers. While your unpaid wage claim may seem too small to pursue, your employer's company-wide illegal wage practice may be great enough to seek legal redress through a class-action lawsuit.

Los Angeles Lawyers Focused On Recovering Unpaid Wages

If your employer has taken advantage of your position as an employee, we can help. Our attorneys help workers throughout California hold their employers responsible for illegal employment practices, including:

  • Meal and rest breaks — While working through lunch or missing a break is ok if your employer compensates you an additional hour of pay, an official or unofficial policy discouraging workers from taking their legally mandated breaks is illegal.
  • Off-the-clock work — Repeated requests or unofficial policies that require employees to work off-the-clock to maintain their employment is illegal.
  • Unpaid overtime — In California, employers are required to pay hourly employees time-and-a-half for time worked over eight hours a day or 40 hours per week.
  • Failure to reimburse for business expenses — Employers must reimburse employees for necessary business expenses paid by employees. Failure to reimburse in full is illegal.
  • Vacation and sick leave — California views vacation and sick time as a form of compensation. While employers can limit how much of this time is accrued, employers cannot take back unused vacation hours or deny carryover. Employees who leave their employment to seek other opportunities must be paid for any unused vacation time.
  • Failure to pay wages at termination — Whether you are terminated or leave a job on your own accord, your employer must pay you for all of your hours worked.
  • Late payment of wages — Employers must pay their employees' wages and commissions in a timely fashion. However, many employees are left waiting weeks or months to receive the wages they've earned.

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