Seek Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer? Meet Top 4 Best Options

When you face a particular dispute against the law, it is important to approach a criminal lawyer for help. Even though there are many legal matters that do not require you to seek professional help from defense lawyers, there might be cases when working with the pro federal attorneys is a must. These legal matters usually include lost claims, breach of contract, injuries, losing a job, and the worst instances, such as being sentenced to prison time. It doesn’t matter where you live – Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Paris, San Fernando Valley, Torrance, or Bucharest – everyone is equal before and under the law. While many people believe they can represent themselves during the legal war, it is better to let a competent and skillful attorney do his or her best job to find the right solution in the most serious situation.

When it comes to LA, hiring a lawyer would become a challenge because there are dozens of firms of both low and top quality out there. If you’re on the lookout for a reliable Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, we put together our own list of professionals worth your attention below.

Best Criminal Lawyer Los Angeles

Whenever you happen to have a legal dispute with a colleague, business, or neighbor, you have a chance to represent yourself in court. However, it is recommended to approach a competent layer and let him do the job for you. When it comes to criminal cases, hiring an attorney can’t be avoided due to the complex and lengthy trials. To make all the difference in the outcome of your particular case, make sure to work with a top-rated attorney. If you’re looking to get a consultation from a pro lawyer in LA, we’re here to help.

Nicholas Loncar - Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

Nicholas Loncar is a Los Angeles criminal lawyer providing affordable help with criminal cases in LA and the other parts of Southern CA. Together with the associates of California experts, Nicholas has already dealt with a huge number of criminal cases from DUI to Homicide. Acceding to the criminal attorney Los Angeles reviews, the team renders top-notch services and guarantees strong outcomes to every client. Even though the cost of his services is not sky high, Nicholas exerts every effort to bring a positive outcome to your freedom, future, and life.

With an impressive record of accomplishments, trusted payment methods, and one of the most pocket-friendly companies in the county, the firm of Nicholas Loncar is there to find the best solution regardless of the nature of your problem. The clients are welcome to clall the office for a consultation that is free of charge.

Kraut Law Group Criminal & DUI Lawyers

Michael E. Kraut is 100% sure that every person deserves to benefit from a professional Los Angeles attorney. The expert thinks that everyone deserves high-quality help regardless of one’s financial situation. Before his professional journey as a Deputy District Attorney, he gained solid practice at two law firms – Adams Duque & Hazeltine and Lewis D’amado.

Known for his investigative skills and commitment to the cases, Michael E. Kraut is now a well-known expert with the status of a chief litigator in the District Attorney’s Office.

All the way through his career, attorney Kraut had an opportunity to deal with a bunch of cases including the famous homicide known as Hardcore Gang Division. His current victory rate is 99%.

Los Angeles Office of Jonathan Franklin

Before becoming a criminal defense Los Angeles expert Jonathan Franklin was an intern at the defender’s office of the state. When the education stage at Stetson University College of Law was over, Jonathan became an Assistant State Attorney. From that moment, he had an opportunity to prosecute loads of criminal proceedings.

When working at the Orange County State Attorney’s office, one of the best criminal defense lawyers Los Angeles gained precious experience and skills needed to assess, study, and inspect proficiently any gaps in the claim of the government. With all the abilities gained in the process of work, the attorney from the beach land is still using to the benefit of every client in need. At the moment, Jonathan Franklin works at the Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer Law Firm. From his current place of work, Jonathan is devoted to helping the locals to live a safer life in the sunny Los Angeles community.

Ambrosio E. Rodriguez from the Rodriguez Law Group

If you’re looking for a professional attorney with an impressive history of success, Ambrosio E. Rodriguez should be named without a doubt. First of all, Rodriguez gained unparalleled experience when working as a criminal trial lawyer. At the same time, the expert also had an opportunity to receive law credentials at a reputed Georgetown University.

Being proud of having contested more than a thousand various incidents, Ambrosio is fully aware of how to study and win the toughest case for a client. He knows all the steps that prosecutors and police officers usually take in the process. What is more important, Mr. Rodriguez knows and understands all the mistakes usually done by prosecutors and police officers. That is why he successfully utilizes his vast experience to make sure your case will be a successful one.

As you can see, the best criminal lawyers in Los Angeles (whether you decide to hire a female or male criminal attorney) have vast experience working with a wide range of cases and have a solid understanding of how to attack the schemes of criminals in order to acquit the innocent. It’s no doubt that hiring a professional lawyer means paying a decent sum of money. However, the price you will have to pay for not hiring a lawyer can turn into a bigger problem than your case. Do not hesitate to get a professional consultation from proficient attorneys in order to use them to their fullest on your particular case. You will thank yourself later.